world has become greatly dependent on electricity to make it work. Power is used for almost everything from running our phones to heating our dwellings. Before the discovery of electrical power, light was supplied by lanterns, and heat was supplied by matches and wood, without any alternatives. It was … Read More

Solar panels can be a great way to save on electricity bills and help the environment at the same time. Light from the sun can actually, through the photovoltaic effect, be used to create electricity by solar panels thus saving you money every month. Solar panels actually have many different benefits, with electricity production being just one of t… Read More

Our world has gotten to a place where it depends totally on power. Power is used for nearly everything from powering our phones to heating our houses. Before we had electricity, we had light from lamps and heat from burning timber. It was a good change to have utility lines connecting cities, towns and residential areas with energy. Energis Smart E… Read More

A little over 100 years ago, a man attempted to use the heat of the sun to make his machinery run. His idea was to start and sustain the machines using steam that was generated by the hot sunlight. This invention motivated other scientists to look for their own solutions to make use of the sun's energy. Ever since that landmark time, a lot of devic… Read More